dream a little dream

I am a young mommy-to-be, an RMT student (Registered Massage Therapist). My passions lie in reading, writing, and home decor which will be the main niche of this blog along with little tid-bits of my life in between. I am looking forward to getting settled in here and becoming familiar with this platform for writing. I am looking forward to growing and shaping my blog and my style of writing – and I would love you to follow me along my journey!

Just as with my blog, I love a space for pretty things, and a beautiful space to put them. This is why I love home decor (and blogging) – shaping and molding your space into something beautiful.

Currently, I am living in a rental suite, and as a student I don’t have a big budget to make it look the way I know it could. That’s okay though, it’s not where I wish to reside for too long – though I wouldn’t mind sprucing it up with some beautiful pieces. Affordable DIY’s and beautiful finds is how I will reinvent the space, and I do hope that you join me and have as much fun with it as possible!

I truly feel that there could never be too many Home Decorating type blogs. The one’s that inspired me to start my own, are namely these two women (off the top of my head) Jen at http://iheartorganizing.blogspot.ca and Melissa at http://theinspiredroom.net
There is just something about sitting down with a cup of coffee and reading through beautiful and inspiring home decorating blogs. It is what I love, it is my happy place. If my blog is able to reach other readers like my self, then I hope you find something here for you as well.

Thanks for stopping by – happy reading!